A look into my professional background, education, experience and skills - with maybe a few extra points to round it all out.

Jesse Rademacher

Multimedia Production Specialist

​A graphic designer at the core, I've had an array of industry experience ranging from online educational course development, print design and layout, various trade-show media creation, marketing graphics and material, video and audio recording and editing, and webdesign to name just a few things.
Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Illinois to attend the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg. Afterwards I spent the better part of a decade working for Pearson Education (Formerly Embanet) designing online courses for masters level colleges throughout the country. From there I joined the team over at Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. as the creative designer for their marketing team where I did everything from on-site client testimonial video shoots and editing, digital and print marketing content creation, website maintenance, and internal training material to only list a few things.​

Professional Skills

The majority of my work experience can be divided up into three categories - the numbers here aren't meant to add up to 100 or align with any particular scale, but are more intended to represent my relevant professional experience with each type of work.

  • WEB DESIGN 60%

Software Experience

  • • Photoshop - 10+ Years
  • • Illustrator - 10+ Years
  • • Premiere - 8 Years
  • • AfterEffects - 7 Years
  • • Audition - 6 Years
  • • Dreamweaver - 8 Years
  • • Lightroom - 5 Years
  • • Animate(Flash) - 7 Years
  • • OBS Studio - 4 Years
  • • Microsoft Office(Powerpoint, Word, Excel) - 10+ Years


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