Art for a purpose, not profit.

A little under a year in planning, a new website, some new directions creatively and I'm finally ready to start testing the traction with this next little 'project.'

The short of it:
Occasionally I've been asked about selling work, either existing pieces or doing a specific request as a commission. I more often than not would give away existing pieces for little to no money, and usually would do the same for any requested work. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to do what I enjoy, and don't want to mix monetary value with it at this stage, but I don't want to devalue any work by constantly giving things away. With that in mind, I've started to figure out a way to put forward a method to sell artwork (prints, originals and some limited woodworking for now) and donating the profit to two local animal rescues I volunteer with regularly.

The long(er) of it:

The concept is fairly simple and straightforward. Produce art, sell art, and support good charities.
Unfortunately the execution of the concept can be less simple. For starters, the pricing is more than a little difficult. Producing anything obviously requires materials, and materials add cost. (Less when buying in bulk, but still a non-zero number) Additionally, shipping any work also adds a fee. Finding ways to minimize those two numbers is important, because I am aiming and keeping things fairly priced where it isn't gouging, but still enough to help continually donate as much as possible to the rescues.
The intent in eliminating as many additional costs as possible is that pricing is somewhat simplified: Cost for materials (if applicable) and cost to ship. Everything else would go to one of the two rescues, or possibly split between them.

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Recent Work


Ink, Watercolor

Anatomical Growth

Ink, Watercolor

Perceptive Framing

Ink, Watercolor

Custom Lockbox

Poplar, Stain

Vajra Dorje

Ink, Watercolor


Charcoal, Graphite


Charcoal, Graphite

Linear Mentality

Charcoal, Graphite

Little Finger





Colored Pencil, Graphite

Trap Door


Sowing Season

Graphite, Charcoal


Ink, Watercolor, Stain

Ambitious Shit

Ink, Watercolor

1 Leaf CLover

Watercolor, Ink


Graphite, Ink


Pen, Ink






Ink, Watercolor


Recycled Graphite


Watercolor, Ink, Stain










Charcoal, Ink


Charcoal, Ink


Charcoal, Ink


Ink, Watercolor

Auto da Fe

Watercolor, Ink

Bette Noir

Ink, Watercolor


Watercolor, Ink




Watercolor, Ink


Graphite, Watercolor, Ink

Cloud Eater

Ink, Stain, Graphite

Organic Growth

Watercolor, Ink, Stain


Charcoal, Mixed media



Television Lamb






Bad Jokes

Wood Stain, Burn


Watercolor, Ink, Stain


Mixed Media, Watercolor, Ink


Stain, Ink, Burn


Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink


Charcoal, Graphite




Watercolor, Stain, Ink


Acrylic, Burn, Ink

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Dive Compilation - 2016

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Almost Home Foundation and Fetching Tails Foundation are two animal rescues located in the Chicago suburbs. While Fetching Tails specializes in dog rescue and adoption, the Almost Home Foundation has multiple branches that concentrate both on dogs and cats. Each rescue is a 501-c3 non-profit, supported by volunteer workers, foster homes, donations, fundraisers, and overall some people who are incredibly passionate about helping animals in need.

Interested in seeing some of the dogs?
I keep online albums for each organization with both dogs currently available for adoption/fostering and dogs who have been adopted, you can see them by clicking the link below.

Almost Home Gallery
Fetching Tails Gallery

About the Charities

Almost Home Foundation
1800 E Irving Park Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193
Visit Online

"Our primary focus is to save those animals from our local area. As we have foster homes and financial support, we've reached out to save animals throughout Illinois and other states. We have driven many miles to save animals from other states including Mississippi, Kentucky and a South Dakota Indian reservation.
All of your donations are tax deductible and are used for the animals. There are no paid members of our organization.
Shelter vs Rescue:
Almost Home Foundation is a rescue NOT a shelter. An animal shelter is a facility that houses and disposes of homeless, lost, or abandoned animals; mostly dogs and cats, when space or time has run out.
An animal rescue organization such as Almost Home Foundation is dedicated to pet adoption. These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable homes for them. Almost Home Foundation relies on foster homes to care for the animals. Some of our animals are shown weekly at local adoption shows in the area."

Fetching Tails Foundation
Visit Online

"Fetching Tails Foundation is an 501c3 Illinois based non-breed specific rescue committed to saving dogs regardless of breed, age, and physical ability. Our foundation is committed to lowering euthanasia rates by rescuing adoptable dogs from high kill-shelters and other animal intake facilities and placing them in approved adopted homes. We are dedicated to helping our community through educational programs and combined efforts for spay & neuter clinics."

Jesse Rademacher

A little more about the 'artist,' (Over-generous terms aside)
Over the years I've been a little back and forth on how to properly build an online portfolio and show off creative works, from difficulties keeping it updated to not having a set plan surrounding it. (And a reluctance to sell for profit certainly didn't make those any less complex in the long run.)
With that said, the decision to start donating proceeds to charity provided not only some good direction, but also some great motivation as well - all well allowing me to still be creatively productive without losing the passion in it.

More Information

Want to see more?

Look for me on these other sites for additional content, updates and news. Check Instagram or Facebook for the most current content and detailed pictures; Twitter for other updates and social projects; linkedIn for a more professional overview and Twitch for live creative streams of current projects. Any other questions? Feel free to reach out through any of those or by sending me an email below.

Beware, The Grumbling...

Aside from content here, I also keep a somewhat different brand of artwork under the name "GrumbleStrips," which is best defined as "sarcastic post it note sketches and an occassional idiotic dog picture." Definitely a tonal change from my normal artwork, I started these sketches originally just to at least be doing something creative on a daily basis. After a while and a few dozen post-it drawings later I decided to start posting them online to both gauge interest and give myself a little more freedom with another creative outlet.

Supplies & Equipment

2 Stage 60W Woodburning Detailer - Digital Voltage Control

DragonHawk (Liner 46-1) 10 Wrap
DragonHawk (Shader 45) 10 Wrap
T600 Dual Machine Power Supply (0-18v, 2.3amp)